What is the Value of a Construction Consultant?

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If you’re trying to put together a construction project, the concept of a consultant might seem like a cost you can skip. It’s entirely possible that nothing will go wrong during your project. It’s possible no documents will be misplaced, no one will be injured, and no one will dispute the project plans or request any changes. Although, do you really want to take that chance?

That’s where researching construction advisory services, and learning the names of a few consultants in your area, can prove invaluable.

Documents and Preparation

One of the clearest advantages you get from a consultant is preparation of your claim. This time-consuming process can be over in a matter of hours or days, because consultants know which documents you’ll need to show in order to settle your claim quickly. They also submit your documents error free. Even if you do this in-house, it’s worth hiring a consultant for claims analysis to reduce the likelihood that you’ll face a costly mistake.

Once a claim is submitted, it’s finalized. If you’ve made a critical error, it could cost you significantly. Consultants act as a stop gap measure. They help to shield you and your business from significant risk.


Occasionally, properly proving your case requires more than the documents you’ve provided. A claims consultant can review crucial aspects of the project, such as scheduling or materials orders, to determine if you’re claim is valid. That service has more than a monetary value, as it saves significant time.

Bio: Lyle Charles Consulting specializes in claim preparation, materials analysis and interim short term management services. Lyle Charles has more than 30 years in both commercial and residential construction projects.

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