Recomended sites for the elderly

There is more to do online than just check your e-mail. And more boomers than ever are realizing the rich resources the Web has to offer. In fact, 92 percent of boomers online are actively looking for information. From healthcare to homes to how-to information, these are just a few sites you might want to click around:

Social butterflies will like
You’ve heard about MySpace and Facebook. The founder of the job-search site wanted a fun meeting place for people who are more about Bach and less about Britney. Membership is free, but you must be over 50. Only 49? You can sneak in as a guest until your birthday. It’s just one of many sites sprouting up for boomers. Others include,, and

Networking pros like
This site puts six degrees of connection to work. Create your profile based on where you’ve worked throughout your career. You’ll quickly find others in the same industry — and even from the same office. Invite them to your network and watch things grow from there. It’s a great for job hunting, starting a second business, or finding old workmates. Membership is free, but upgrades start at $19.95 a month and include larger networks and added features.

History buffs like
If you like to trace your family tree, the Web can be a rich resource. But it’s not free. Both and its sister site,, offer three levels of membership, ranging from $12.95 a month to $199.99 a year. It gives you access to census data, immigration records, and newspapers without even leaving home.

Health nuts like
While not specific to boomers, WebMD offers some cool tools, like an interactive symptom checker and a health scorecard for registered members. It is free, but there is a fair amount of advertising on the site to make up for that. As with most sites, you have an opt-out option to receiving e-mails from the site and its partners. For additional Medical related site we recommend

Market watchers like Yahoo Finance
You don’t have to have a Yahoo account to use this site, but it helps. Keep watch over your portfolio or just keep up with market perspectives. There are also message boards where other investors discuss the ups and downs of the bears and the bulls.

House hunters like
Ready to downsize? Looking for your country dream house? Search for real estate nationwide by price, location, or special features like a pool or work shed. only features houses that are listed on the MLS system. If you are looking for luxury homes or want to just enjoy looking at some luxury house pictures, then visit Luxury Homes Network.

Bargain hunters like
If you normally head right for the clearance section of a store, this site is for you. Inventory is limited, and doesn’t let you forget it. But shipping prices make it worth your while, sometimes free and sometimes just $2 flat. You’ll find housewares, sporting goods, clothes, and electronics. But move fast. If you see something you like, chances are someone else likes it just as much.

Consumer researchers like
Comparing digital cameras? Researching recent movies? This site is offers reviews from real people as well as price comparison from online retailers. You can even post your own reviews and comment on others by registering for free.

Home owners with a garden will like Home and Gardens Blog
Taking care of the garden is always a favorite task of the elderly. If you want some good tips and advice on how to take care of your garden, then this is the site for you.

Do-it-yourselfers like
The aptly named site is the Web version of the cable network channel, but offers a lot of helpful hints and how-tos, even if you never watch TV. From heavy-duty home improvement to holiday craft ideas, this sister site to is the handier of the two, with less emphasis on décor and more on demolition.

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