Types of Storage Containers

There are many types of storage containers to match your particular needs. Whether you need to store perishable items, or you have bulk items that are difficult to store normally, a container can help you. You can even find container rentals for temporary moves. Whether you need easier access or a particular type of storage, containers can be a cost-effective means of long-term storage and transportation.


Refrigerated containers are built to keep perishable items at a specific temperature. The unit has a small air conditioner built into it, which regulates temperature automatically based on your settings. Units are also pre-tripped, so you can load and go as soon as the container arrives. This helps you keep your shipping running efficiently.

Side-Opening Containers

Often times, what you need is access. Side-opening containers can provide you with the access you want, helping you to load or unload goods in a hurry. You can slide the side doors open, leaving the front and rear in tact. This is perfect for operations that require a fork lift to carry goods to and from your work site. You can load furniture into a side-loading container, then quickly cart it up to your new office space.


Insulated containers are similar to refrigerated containers, but they keep a temperature regulated instead of cool. They are literally refrigerated units that were decommissioned, so they are built for durability and insulation. These containers are also built from rust-proof stainless steel. For trips over land, where the distance is moderate, insulated containers can carry perishable goods at a lower cost than the refrigerated units. Be sure to look for used storage containers so you can save some money on transporting and packing your goods.

Flat Rack

When you need to transport equipment that doesn’t fit into a standard container, flat racks are usually the way to go. With collapsible doors at the front and rear, and without a roof or walls, this container is perfect for loading and unloading odd sized equipment. Even though they are missing their walls, they are still stackable containers. This is perfect for warehouses that have supplies they need to access regularly, without the floor space to keep it out at all times. Simply stack it and retrieve it without the hassle of opening or closing the container.

Open Top

The open top container is the next best option to a flat rack. It features walls, so your shipment will stay in tact, but there is no roof. This allows you to crane unload part of your shipment for added convenience.
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