Tips for finding the perfect neighborhood

jerry armen

When you are considering buying a home in a certain neighborhood, you want to know if it is a good neighborhood or not. This is especially so if you have a family with children. Here are some tips to discover the truth about your neighborhood.

Ask the police for crime statistics. Look at more than just the quantity of crimes. Check out the types of crimes too. This will tell you how unsafe any neighborhood is.

You will want to know how stable the neighborhood’s economy is. Look for the ratio of apartments to homes. Apartments represent transient neighbors, an uncertainty in their dedication to making a better neighborhood. Find out what the income and property values are, by talking to the economic development office. Are there commercial buildings with vacancies or long standing empty homes? Run away.

Check the future of your investment by asking a realtor like Jerry Armen about appreciation of properties in the neighborhood. You would like to know that your investment’s value will continue to rise, even if past performance of other properties in the neighborhood do not guarantee yours will do well in the future.

What is your impression and gut feeling after walking around the neighborhood? Do people care about their properties? Is there graffiti? Are the streets noisy? Ask other neighbors pointed questions. Do not ignore your impressions. They are half of the equation. These same factors influence future buyers who may be considering your home. They can either make or break your deal.

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