The Important Trends of Video Advertising You Need to Know

Are you investing in video ad placements? If not, you should be, as the market is expected to explode in 2015 and beyond. Consider how much cell phone footage has surfaced on news and television outlets in recent years, and that should help indicate where we are going. Anyone with a smartphone is now a director. For the right advertisers, video may turn out to be a huge producer. Here are the important trends that will drive video in the coming years.

Decision Making

Video can be a powerful tool for decision makers because it allows them to review a purchase in depth before that purchase occurs. More than half of consumers surveyed indicated that a video review was one of the most beneficial ways to make a major purchase, and video has a high rate of retention. Companies that invest in video tend to craft messaging users remember.

Conversion Rates

Because videos have high rates of retention, they tend to help convert users better than sales copy. Sales copy is an investment. A long form ad can take entire minutes to read, but an animated explainer video is over in 15 seconds and the user gets to see content he really wants to see after that time. Videos should push a user to action, and if possible, include a link or a URL the user can use to take action.

Final Thoughts

Video is catching on in a big way thanks to mobile. Smartphones aren’t just cameras, they are portals to content too. Smart advertisers will be looking for methods to utilize video pre-roll ads in an ongoing effort to reach their targeted audiences.

Ted Dhanik is the co-founder and CEO of engage:BDR, a digital marketing platform with a buy-side component. Ted Dhanik is active in the Los Angeles startup scene. Ted Dhanik and the engage:BDR team are ready to talk with you about how to improve your business through targeted lead generation.

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