Small Steps to Improve Your Home Air Filter

Home air filters are designed to clean the air you breathe. There are many reasons you might need to purchase an air cleaner for your home. For example, it can help remove substances in the air that can cause allergies or asthma. But you don’t have to suffer from allergies and asthma to own a home air filter system. Home air filters can effectively eliminate bacteria, odors, dust, germs, viruses, and allergens in the air, creating a healthy environment that everyone in the home can appreciate.

Even though a home air purifier is such an important appliance, most people don’t give its maintenance a second thought. However, maintaining your air filter is crucial to your indoor air quality. Make sure your family is breathing fresh, clean air with these helpful tips.

Change the air purifier filter on time. Your home air cleaner is supposed to get rid of contaminants in the air, but it can’t do its job properly if you don’t change the filter on time. How do you know when to change the filter? Although the life of a filter depends on how often it is used and the environment in the home, an easy way to detect whether it needs to be changed is the indicator light. Most units have an indicator light for the filter. If it blinks, then it’s time to replace the filter.

If your air cleaner doesn’t have in indicator light, read the manufacturer manual to find out when to change the filter. You can also open the unit and take a look at it. If the filter is dirty or dark, it’s time to change it.

Make sure to find the right size filter. Air cleaner filters come in a variety of sizes. If you buy a filter that is too small, the system will not work properly. If you purchase a filter that is too big, it simply won’t fit inside of the unit. Check the owner’s manual for the right size filter. Then, find a retailer online through which you can purchase filters by size. Whether you need 3m filters or one inch filters, the right size filter will make a world of difference in the performance of your air purifier.

Purchase brand name parts. If your air purifier needs new replacement parts, make sure that you buy genuine brand name parts. The type of parts you install in your unit will have a huge impact on the way it works as well as the indoor air quality. Don’t go by price. The least expensive parts are usually made of low-quality materials. While they are cheaper for your pocketbook, they won’t provide your family with the quality air they need.


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