Reasons your Sofa Cushions Need Cleaning

Home improvement is on most of our to-do lists but it can be a pricey endeavor. Give some thought to how you can save money by replacing, cleaning, upcycling, and recovering. Sofa cushions are used often by homeowners and guests. It is important to keep them in a safe, clean, and healthy condition.


Sofa cushion covers need to be washed on a cold cycle every six months. If your sofa is in a living area with high traffic then consider washing the covers more regularly. When washing your cushions ensure that you zip them or button them up before putting them in the washing machine.


Once a month take all the cushions off the sofa and vacuum the sofa base and each individual cushion. Flip all the cushions before replacing them on the sofa this way the fabric will not become wrinkled and the foam will keep its shape for longer.


Many households own leather sofas aside from a monthly vacuum, leather sofa cushions can be wiped with a leather cleaning solvent or sprayed every other day. Keeping the leather dust free and clean will enhance the integrity of the leather and extend the lifespan of the sofa.


It is suggested that once a year in order to maintain the longevity of the sofa and the sofa cushions, employ a furniture cleaning service to come and perform a deep clean to ensure that the sofa is free of bugs and dust mites.


When the sofa cushions are used by children and teens there are bound to be accidents with drinks and food spilling onto the sofa. It is not necessary to remove and wash all the cushions to clean up spills. There are a number of ways to clean the spill with soapy water and some detergents that are on the market, especially for upholstery cleaning.

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