Preparing Freight for Shipment

Containers have changed modern shipping for the better, allowing manufacturers and farmers to reach a wider customer base. However, great thought goes into these shipping lanes. Breaking the cold chain, for instance, can result in huge losses. Here is a list of tips to help you prepare your freight for shipment, and identify which containers will work best for you.

Perishable Cargo

If you’re shipping items like fruits and vegetables, you need to be sure your stock will remain at a consistent temperature. Breaking the cold chain is one of the primary reasons farmers claim losses in their stock. Buy shipping containers that have refrigeration units mounted to the outside. These air conditioner like units help to regulate the interior of the container. These containers also have thick insulation designed to keep cool air in and force warm air out. Maintaining the cold chain is also required through regulation. It’s considered unsafe to ship without adequate refrigeration, and the consumer can be harmed in the process.

Loading Concerns

Sometimes, access is key to maintaining efficiency. For this reason, used shipping containers for sale sometimes have an accessible side door or roof. This allows workers to easily carry stock from the container, and it’s great for those who need to move bulky items. There are also situations where access is needed from a certain angle. This happens a lot in construction, where the container contains materials shipped to a jobsite with limited access. You can crane the container into the job site, then position it so that the door is accessible.

Security and Branding

For some companies, branding is a serious concern. Shipping containers are valuable pieces of brand real estate for those who utilize them well. You can purchase your shipping container and paint it yourself, but some container manufacturers will brand it for you. They may also have options to add a lockbox. If you expect your container will remain outdoors for the foreseeable future, invest in a lock box. These fittings allow limited access to the door mechanism, and leave space for a heavy-duty lock. It also protects that lock from tampering by housing it inside of a steel container.

Final Thoughts

How you deal with the freight you ship is just as important as planning the move. Both are opportunities to save money on transport, so try and reduce the risk of cutting the cold chain by using the proper container for the job.
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