Modern Foam Products for Affordable Prices

Foam was originally made by using the milky liquid harvested from rubber trees. After the World War II, the synthetic foam became popular. Today, United States uses more than 45% of world production of artificial foam. There are two kinds of foam. The one with open cell is light-weight and easy to manipulate. The second kind has closed cells and is hard. The soft kind is used in manufacturing comfortable items like cushions and padding. For building insulation and any kind of refrigerating equipment, hard foam is the right material.

The Michigan based company The Foam Factory manufactures both kinds. The company has been around for more than thirty years and it modernizes its products according to scientific research that comes out. The company’s flexibility has made it the manufacturer of best quality foam products. Especially for outdoor furniture, it is important to use special kind of foam because they get exposed to sun, rain, snow and severe weather conditions like storms. The Dryfast foam manufactured by The Foam Factory is ideal for outdoor furniture.

Another advantage of using Dryfast foam is its durability. The open cells in this foam help it to dry quickly and a patio cushion that gets soaking wet in the rain won’t sit in the damp for very long. Also, Dryfast is treated against any kind of growth of microorganism and the damp cushions won’t get any fungus growth. For seating in boats and kayaks, Dryfast foam cushions are the best. If a material like Dryfast is used, outdoor cushions can last long. A customer can even replace a single patio cushion by ordering a piece of foam or making a special order.

Every seating doesn’t come in one single shape. The Foam Factory has many designs and shapes for seating. If the shape is not shown on the company website, it can easily make the shape according to customer’s needs. Normally, a custom cushion can be expensive but The Foam Factory prices are affordable. The company website’s Do It Yourself page has step-by-step instructions for customers who would like to be adventurous. It is a good project for people who like crafts. Making your own custom cushion is a good way to start replacing an entire set.

The Foam Factory also has solutions for worn out furniture cushions. If a family heirloom sofa cushions are worn out beyond use, it doesn’t have to end up in a garbage dump. The Foam Factory can make replacement cushions. It can turn many old cushions into new by just changing the foam inside. This is a great way to save or reuse a piece of furniture and customers can save the environment too. For a do-it-yourself project, customers can buy foam sheets and make their own replacement cushions.
Guest post provided by The Foam Factory, a company which is specialized in foam products. To make your own patio cushion, visit Dot It Yourself page on the company website.

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