Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business

In life, there is a high chance you’ll make mistakes when doing something for the first time. This is true even in high-stakes fields like business. First-time entrepreneurs may not have the benefit of experience or knowledge to help them avoid common mistakes. For this reason, it’s important to study common pitfalls that new entrepreneurs experience.

One crucial mistake to avoid is not having savings in your bank before you start a business. Ryan Pitylak, co-founder and CMO of ZenBusiness, has worked with many new entrepreneurs during the first years of their businesses. ZenBusiness provides expert guidance and mentorship to new entrepreneurs launching businesses. Its all-in-one platform provides helpful tools such as FinTech solutions and other helpful tools for new businesses.

Ryan Pitylak says, “One mistake I have seen from many new entrepreneurs is having little to no savings in their bank. In the worst cases, these entrepreneurs will risk their livelihoods or go into debt just to fund their first business. This is risky, stressful, and potentially burdensome.”

Another common mistake is not making a business plan. As the famous quote says, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Unless you have specific steps that will lead you to success in your industry, you are destined to wander aimlessly through the process. Making a business plan will require dedicated research and the help of a trustworthy, experienced mentor who knows how to succeed in your industry.

Ryan Pitylak also says, “I cannot overstate the value of having someone who has walked in your shoes give your advice. It is more valuable than anything you’ll hear on the Internet, podcasts, books, or from your friends who are starting businesses.”

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