LottoGopher Gets Rid of Long Lottery Ticket Lines

LottoGopherArticle Written by : Debt Settlement Online

For those of you who routinely wait in long, tiresome lines at the convenient store to order lottery tickets, LottoGopher is for you. The online company that launched three years ago has been quickly gaining attention for its first of its kind service that allows people to order lottery tickets online.

Waiting in long lines to order your lottery ticket is a thing of the past. On the day of the $400 million Powerball jackpot a few weeks ago, CEO of LottoGopher James Morel told Press Pass LA that “people who are stuck at work or trying to avoid long lines at the store” have been ordering tickets from the website. In addition, people have also been taking advantage of the company’s online office pool, a great way to increase your odds of winning, again without having to organize it through work.

So how much is this convenient service? Not much, considering what they do for you. Instead of taking a cut from the winnings, the company offers monthly and yearly membership programs. The monthly membership is only $12 and includes access to ordering lottery tickets online, public lottery pools, lucky number pickers, lottery analytics tools, and an online account manager. There is also the option to subscribe to the service that automatically orders a ticket for you every time there is a new jackpot. The yearly membership program offers the same benefits and costs only $99. Oh, and did I mention that the company actually sends a lottery “gopher” to the store to order your ticket, and then saves it in a secure storage facility? Well, it does.

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