Big Companies in New Jersey

Written by Ebergen County Homes

If you’re in love with the prospect of calling one of the many Ridgewood homes for sale your own, it’s important to remember you still have a few challenges in your way. One of the main ones will be paying for it, of course. Makin the down payment is one thing, but you’ll also need to make regular mortgage payments for the next few decades.

So it’s important that you have a job. Fortunately, New Jersey is home to many large companies you can hope to find employment from. In fact, the Garden State is home to over 20 Fortune 500 companies. Four of them are actually listed as Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

Examples of these companies include PBF Energy, Chubb, Toys “R” Us, Automatic Data Processing, Bed Bath and Beyond, Hertz Global Holdings, NRG Energy and Beckton Dickinson.

These are all great companies anyone should be happy to work for. However, if you want to work for the largest companies in New Jersey, as far as profit is concerned, you should start with Prudential Financial. It’s ranked as 29th and produces close to 85 billion dollars worth of revenue a year. Second place belongs to Johnson and Johnson at 41st. Their annual revenue is a little over 67 billion dollars.


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