3 Workable Business Lessons from Entrepreneurs

As a new entrepreneur entering the business world for the first time, you’ll need to learn from the long line of successful entrepreneurs who have walked in your shoes and prevailed despite the odds. Here are a few business lessons to remember.

Do what you love

Entrepreneurs trying to get rich off an idea they don’t feel passionate about will learn very quickly that you can’t survive your toughest days in the business world without passion. The famous Jeff Bezos said, “One of the huge mistakes people make is that they try to force an interest in themselves. You don’t choose passions; your passions choose you.”

Create a positive work environment

Businesses aren’t just about budgets, products, and machines. Companies cannot function without employees who do good work and function as their lifeblood. As Xlear CEO Nathan Jones says, “Everyone excels when they feel as though the team around them is built on trust and I found that things run better when CEOs create an atmosphere where people are encouraged to collaborate together and feel heard.”

Trust the process

Success doesn’t come overnight. It is the product of hard work, preparation, and perfect timing. Entrepreneur and Internet personality Wesley Virgin learned this as he was developing his online following. In the words of Wesley Virgin, “Be consistent. People get a bee in their bonnet and start on projects, then when the going gets tough, they throw in the towel. Most people are habitual quitters. You’ll start out with a small following. Everyone does.” Because of his consistency, Wesley Virgin was able to use his online following to propel his million-dollar business.

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