What To Do If You Get Negative Reviews?

Negative reviews can have devastating consequences for businesses if Justify unattended and unresolved. Business owners and managers need to deal with the review head-on and make every effort to find a solution to the negative review as quickly as possible.

Three things not to do when faced with a negative review:

Do not get on the defensive, examine the review for relevance.

Do not ignore the review, customers need to see your commitment.

Do not deny the allegation, rather find a way forward to repair the relationship.

How to deal with negative reviews:

You are the face of the company and need to be polite and deal with the customer’s review in the most respectful manner.

Address the comments immediately as online means 24/7 and potential customers are watching to see how the company handles negativity.

Invite your customer to discuss the issue offline, check the validity of the claim, take responsibility, apologise and offer a refund or replacement.

Request that the review is removed and suggest that the customer rewrite the review with the addition of how the company positively engaged and resolved their issue.

File a report at Revdex.com

Revdex.com is a new online business directory that is set up to assist both the consumer and businesses. You can address your concerns directly to Revdex.com to resolve negative reviews or comments.

Revdex.com is where you can add your own reviews and make sure that you handle any negative reviews in a positive and professional manner. Follow the process suggested to ensure that you dispel any negative fallout from a disgruntled customer. For example, consumers can report internet scams , file complaint about health products or any such related issues.

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