The Surprising Political Issues that Both Parties Agree On

Today’s political landscape in America has developed notoriety for strong polarization. Many voters feel forced into all-or-nothing positions on many political issues. As a result, it can be remarkable to find issues on which the majority of both parties, along with Independents, can agree. Based on findings from a survey conducted by political survey company and online polling company John Zogby Strategies, there are three surprising issues that voters of all political persuasions overwhelmingly agree on.

After polling a wide sample of likely voters with differing viewpoints on certain issues, John Zogby Strategies found that 83% of respondents agreed that there should be term limits for members of Congress, senators, and federal bureaucrats. Furthermore, 87% of respondents believed that all corporate PAC money should be eliminated from campaigns and elections. Even more surprisingly, 78% of respondents supported requiring high-ranking bureaucrats to wear body cams at work. 80% of Democrats, 79% of Republicans, and 72% of Independents expressed support when presented with this option on the survey.

This data supports the conclusion that distrust of the government is one common idea that many voters hold, regardless of their political persuasion. Many citizens appear to be dissatisfied with the current state of affairs, longing for a change at the highest levels. Data from other organizations also supports this premise, revealing an American populace that is growing increasingly cynical at our leaders’ ability to do the best thing for them. Hopefully, people of all political persuasions can work on restoring public trust in the government by raising up reliable, ethical, and visionary leaders for America’s future.

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