Make your Office More Comfortable with Wicker Furniture

Today’s latest styles in office furniture bring out the best in fashion and design while also offering comfort. With so many people now living and working in smaller spaces, the trend is moving toward lightweight furniture that fits perfectly into your space. Though wicker is often seen in homes, it is now making its debut in offices all over the world. And that’s because it’s a good match for those with discerning taste who desire to make a room feel lighter and more romantic.

Wicker furniture has a lot to offer your office. The furniture itself is sturdy enough for everyday use. The cushions are thick and made to last. The fabrics stay fresh and lovely even after years of usage. If someone spills, the cushions can easily be cleaned with soap and water.

If you’re new to the world of wicker furniture, then you may be confused by the term, “rattan.” This is a similar material that is derived from a type of palm plant. The bark of this plant is made into thin strips of a light wood that is then woven into furniture. If you’ve always wondered what the difference is between wicker and rattan, it’s simple.

Wicker is a type of method used for weaving. Rattan is the material used in the weaving. In other words, you would create a rattan table using a wicker pattern.

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