Is a Portable GPU Worth the Investment?

Summary: Portable GPUs are a great asset for pilots and plane owners.

Aviation enthusiasts and pilots often own an aircraft of their own. As a result, it’s up to them to keep up with the routine maintenance and repairs to ensure maximum safety and uptime. While having a personal mechanic would be extremely helpful, some people don’t have the luxury to afford this.

Performing mechanical repairs can be a hassle. And, it doesn’t help that the costs of these repairs can be in the thousands depending on the task. This is where purchasing tools and equipment on your own can be a better investment than constantly taking it to a mechanic.

The Fundamentals of a GPU

A Ground Power Unit (GPU) is a widely used piece of equipment that supplies power to an airplane, allowing the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) to rest. Often found in major airports and even smaller runways, a portable GPU can be a necessity when it comes to handling multiple airplanes.

The Pros of Buying a GPU

Purchasing a GPU can provide you with the necessary power and capabilities that you need to keep your plane in good condition. Rather than letting your APU handle the majority of the work on the ground, you can keep your electronics running while you perform maintenance and another set of routine duties that you must take care of on a daily basis.

It’s pivotal that you have the necessary equipment if you’re planning on performing repairs on your plane by yourself or with a friend or colleague. A GPU is just one of the pieces that can help you with your maintenance plans.

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