How do expert witnesses charge?

Most expert witnesses will charge by the hour, and the type of area they specialize in may cause this figure to fluctuate. In some instances, expert witnesses will charge a fixed fee for specific services that are structured.

Here are some general guidelines to help a company understand how much is considered a reasonable charge for an expert witness. Start by assessing the number of questions the lawyer wants the expert to address. Most reports are less than 750 pages, which will involve about 15 to 25 hours of work. If there are only a few questions and the assistance required only covers a few areas, charges should be much lower than an extensive report.

Experts in financial fields and construction claims experts charge more as their analysis involves complex areas of study. Often these experts will offer a price range for their services as they are unable to provide a standard price because the time they spend can vary after assessing the case.

A good expert will start by assessing the case and recommend how he/she believes the situation should be addressed. Lyle Charles recommends early consultations as the expert’s input can have a bearing on how the case ends. It is important to note that opposing parties will also speak to an expert to prepare their case. Therefore, your expert witness should offer an insight into how your opposition will visit the facts of the case.

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