Emotional Intelligence: The Hidden Factor to Perfect Leadership

Article by Herb Kimble.

Emotional intelligence is the combination of perception and observation, and it’s an important tool in leadership. Good emotional intelligence provides understanding, and makes it easy to empathize and motivate. An emotionally intelligent leader understands how emotion affects productivity.

Here are some tips to improve emotional intelligence in your own quest to become a better leader.

Self Awareness

Those who are self aware have a clear understanding of their own feelings, which include their strengths and weaknesses. If you have a high emotional intelligence, and high self awareness, you’re usually not someone who is quick to anger. You react thoughtfully and with a level head.

Self Reflection

A person who is self reflective continually takes steps to correct their own actions and reset their course. They are a pleasure in the workplace, as they learn from exchanges and don’t rush to judgment. A self reflective individual understands the value they bring to the organization, and sets realistic expectations of others.

If you have a high self reflective intelligence factor, you tend to be the voice of reason in the group.

Motivation and Empathy

Reflecting on your own work often leads you to more insights. When you consider why you’re doing what you’re doing, and what you’re working toward, it helps to break up he monotony of your work-life balance. Some refer to it as burnout.

A person with high intelligence for empathy is very motivational. They can see the good in most situations and respond to criticism with effective positivity.

Herb Kimble at Speaking at Credit Repair Summit

Bio: Herb Kimble is both an entrepreneur and a film and television producer. His roots as an accomplished actor gave him a passion for the arts. Today, Herb Kimble is co-founder of CineFocus Productions and launching Urban Flix, an inclusive streaming company based in Los Angeles.

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